Let’s Catch up

*clears cobweb off blog* Hello people! It’s been a long long long time I know. Lots of things has happened. I know we all have been busy so I can’t make that my excuse for not blogging recently. What have I missed? Let’s play catch up.

Hair Hacks pt 1

Hello Everyone! It’s another wonderful Weekend even though it feels like I just resumed from a Weekend. Today, I have got some handy tips for days when you run out of one or more of some hair ‘must-haves’.

No time to waste time…

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“You look so good! na wa o , this your glow these days sha….so who is the lucky guy? ” heheheehehehee…… “na only guy dey make person glow? Why do people attribute a woman’s happiness to a guy? (Open question) , which brings me to my write up for the month.  Have you…

Embrace Yourself

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Embrace yourself for who you are, And you’ll shine as bright as the morning star; Do what makes you happy, And leave behind everything that is crappy; Stop being a puppet to one’s playhouse, Rather choose to be the ring-master of your own circus; Learn to respect…