Hair Hacks pt 1

Hello Everyone! It’s another wonderful Weekend even though it feels like I just resumed from a Weekend. Today, I have got some handy tips for days when you run out of one or more of some hair ‘must-haves’.

Hair is just Hair.

Hello all! How’s the weekend going? Something happened to me during the week that brought about today’s topic. It is pretty interesting. A Colleague came up to me on Monday and asked why I installed a weave since I was part of the almighty #TeamNatural. I had on a weave previously installed a day before. It … More Hair is just Hair.

Made Myself a Wig!

Hellooooooooooo! How is the Weekend going? Boredom can be a great Motivation depends on how You see it. Last week, boredom got the best of me. Then I decided to make something that can make my Life easier in terms of my hair care routine – A Wig. Woke up like this … 😀

My fro is 10 months!

Hello Loves! It feels good to be alive especially when you have got something to be happy for. So its my 10 months ‘nappyversary’ and i decided to share it with you. I bigchopped on the 23rd of June 2014. Here are pictures… Yours Debbie.

Meet my Hair

Helluuur Ladies! Trust your day is going well. Today, I would like us to meet my hair. TaaDaa!!! I have been natural for 10 months now. I stopped using relaxers late March 2014 and cut all of my hair (big chop) on the 23rd of June, 2014. Since then, your girl has been #TeamNatural. Lots … More Meet my Hair

Finally Here

YaaAaaaay!!!! Am finally on a hair blog. I want to firstly welcome visitors, you’re all welcome. This is a blog about hair whether coily, curly, kinky or relaxed and other ramblings of a hair lover. Pls feel free to connect to me anytime. I’ll be here. Yours Debbie