Hair Hacks pt 1

Hello Everyone! It’s another wonderful Weekend even though it feels like I just resumed from a Weekend. Today, I have got some handy tips for days when you run out of one or more of some hair ‘must-haves’. Advertisements


Hello Everyone! It’s the weekend. Enjoy! I know I have veered off blogging about hair and gone all lovey dovey in my latest posts, well its hair time! Ever been in that state where you don’t just want any extension on your head except for your kinks?

Hair rant!

Hey barbs! How are we doing? it’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday! Am excited, are you? Weekend finally. My only problem is that the weekend is sooo short. Can we add more days to the weekend? Like 3 more days, so there will be 5 working days and 5 resting days.. :D.. Anyways, before I digress fully, I am … More Hair rant!