Hey SuperWoman/Man.. Yes, you!

Happy New Month guys! Hey Superman/woman, You ever wake up a day and feel you are just not all that? Like you are not made for greatness or simple, all or some of your life goals are seemingly ‘unachievable’ at the moment or for a while now? Worse still, you’ve failed, or still failing and falling?

Romance in the Workplace

Hello there, Happy weekend! I hope the weekend is going on fine, as mine isn’t so much fun but work-filled. It’s been a while and I missed you all. I promise to blog more since I have been able to find a balance between work and doing other things.


Hi Readers! Happy Valentine! After endless months of this post lounging in my draft, I have come to the decision that it has to see the light of day. It’s quite interesting to discuss choosing the right partner, yh? Source : google images Marriage/the marriage partner is the second most important decision in a person’s … More CHOOSING THE RIGHT PARTNER x HAPPY VALENTINE!