Catching up x Intending hair cut

Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been ages I last blogged. Need I say, I miss you all?

Well, I did. I have been busy with Life.

I have learnt and still learning a lesson or two about Life. I am growing is all I can say. I hope everyone of you is?

I am back and going to be blogging more frequently.

As you have noticed, the blog name has been edited to Deb’s Memoir.

If you are not following yet, go follow as we would be chatting a whole lot now.

Shoutout to you all, you rock!

Here is a recent picture of my hair. The reason I am showing you all this is because I have been contemplating a haircut for a while now. I didn’t want to until I saw Jen ‘s haircut and I knew what I wanted.

Here is the haircut that has got my heart.

Image from

I am throwing this out to you all, hair cut ; yay or nay?

Share with me what you have been up to.



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