Who’s on your team???


Get in here people, let’s discuss business.

Well, today’s topic is not just for businessmen or women. Teams are important in all areas of life. From Career to Sports to Family to Relationships, and even Marriage.

You see, for a Marriage to last or be enjoyed, each partner has to see the other as part of the same team, not opposing teams.

‘Nuff said, what is a team?

A definition is sha essential.

A group of people involved in the same activity, especially referring to sports or work. (Dictionary definition of a team)

cropped-dreamstime_s_11303130source : quotesgram

I’d just like to add that a team comprise people working towards the same goal or working with a set goal in mind.

Recently, a friend spoke told me about his plan of running a plus size modeling agency in Lagos, Nigeria. He knew what he wanted but not how to go get it. Then I asked him, do you have a team? Who’s on your team??

These questions are very important to everyone not only those in business because to achieve set goals most times, you will need a team that is focused, transparent, goal-oriented, loyal etc.

Team as a small unit of achieving goals can comprise 2 or more people depending on factors like the size of dream or goal, intended duration for completion etc.

All in all, flying solo is good but teaming up is better, great even for you and your business. Sharing from the little I am learning day by day in this business.

In short; together, everyone achieves more but you need to find the right ones to team up with.

Business nuggets from a Fresh Businesswoman.

Trust me the journey is not easy but it is de-fi-ni-tely worth it.

We will be talking next about best ways to build a reliable team.

I have the best team in the world.

I am asking again, who’s on your team?



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