Let’s Catch up

*clears cobweb off blog*

Hello people!

It’s been a long long long time I know. Lots of things has happened. I know we all have been busy so I can’t make that my excuse for not blogging recently. What have I missed?

Let’s play catch up.

The first one that excites me so much is that last Wednesday (September 7th) was my birthday.

Also, with the same excitement, September 1 was the ‘D’ day my graphic design plus plus business was born. So I made the switch from a 9 to 6 to an ‘all timer’ (business) :D.

It’s been a sweet, rewarding and adventurous journey.

Allow me introduce Gracify Media. It’s your one stop for all things Graphics design, Videography, Social media graphics and management, Animations and Web design x development.

To say hi, request to see our portfolio, just send an email to gracifymedia@gmail.com and we’d be glad to answer you as great customer service is one of our core values.

So I let the business woman out for some seconds there. Now the blogger is back.

What have you been up to?

Who’s started something new?

Who is married now, had a baby or moved to a new house, or job?

Let’s play catch up in the comments section.


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