Hey SuperWoman/Man.. Yes, you!

Happy New Month guys!

Hey Superman/woman,

Superman logo

You ever wake up a day and feel you are just not all that?

Like you are not made for greatness or simple, all or some of your life goals are seemingly ‘unachievable’ at the moment or for a while now?

Worse still, you’ve failed, or still failing and falling?

I have got some words for you.

First, you may not be the next best thing after Sliced bread or Jollof rice but you are amazeballs all the same. (Put that at the back of your mind)

Irrespective of that mood or moment, I celebrate you because you are a superman or woman. You definitely should too – Celebrate You!

Celebrate You and Your achievements irrespective of how little. It helps improve your mood.

We all know life is not black or white like piano keys but varying shades of grey.

So instead of kicking yourself in the curb and letting that mood take over, look yourself in the mirror and say;

  • I am amazing.
  • I am a product of greatness for greatness and by greatness.
  • I am able to achieve all I set my hands to.
  • I am unstoppable.

A saying goes, If you don’t stop yourself, no one else can.

Stop yourself

Above all else, love yourself with your limitations. This world has only one version of you, so you are precious (just as the ring was to Gollum in Lord of the Rings) 😀

Have a wonderful weekend.



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