My 2nd Nappiversary Tale


How are you today?

Happy Friiiidayyyyyyyy!

Down to the gist of the day o.

*Clears my throats* Happy Nappiversaaaaaary to me!

Cheers to all the various battling detangling sessions.

To all the minutes hours of making my hair (twists etc).

To all the times spent thinking and thinking and thinking of how to style my hair because letting it ‘fro out may not be an option that day.

My hair turned 2 yesterday and to be truthful, I hardly remembered. In between working and meeting set Personal and Professional goals, my hair is taking a back seat.

When I envisioned my hair turning 2, I thought I would be with at least 12inches of ‘fro and slaying upandan. But alas, here I am with 8+ inches which am proud of (my baby that I nurtured). For the second part, these past days, I have been wigging it.

It is sad I don’t have a ‘fro picture to share. Once I am able to get one, I’ll definitely be sharing it here.

With my hair being longer, I have been able to increase the duration between washdays. This may be because I kind of dread washdays :D. Washing and detangling that hair iz nor beans o.

My 3rd year hair goal (if Christ tarries) is centered on health than growth. Honestly, I need my hair to be more healthy. The colour I added to my hair at one point makes my hair feel and seem weird sometimes, but my hair has outgrown most of the colour.
Currently, I have been wigging it. Kudos to whoever ‘invented’ the wig. My wig is named Anna. She is so easy to wear and more easier to remove when am back home. My hair itself, is in loose twists. Anna is short so no inconvenience at all. Before I got the wig, my hair was styled in goddess braids.

wigging it

Lesson I have learnt from my hair :

  • Setting of goals is a good thing.
  • However, you may suffer setbacks.
  • When you do suffer setbacks, move on. That is not the end of the road.

That is my 2nd Nappiversary chronicle o.
Anybody got their’s to share?


8 thoughts on “My 2nd Nappiversary Tale

    1. Hello Esther,

      Welcome to the Club 😀

      First, do a check and answer this question :

      Do you naturally have not – so full edges?

      If yes, no need to stress yourself as it might be genetically linked.

      If no, you may need to check how you handle your edges, your diet and manipulation.

      You should get Castor oil as it has been proven to help with edge regrowth and also don’t forget to wear your hair bonnet / scarf to bed.

      For the Castor oil, dilute with any Carrier oil such as Coconut oil as it is very concentrated. You can use this mixture on your edges everyday or every other day.

      That should help.

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