Storing ideas

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Month.

Happy New mpnth SB

Wish you a Wonderful experience this month even as the year is running out fast.

Back to today’s topic; Storing ideas.

Do you have frequent ‘eureka’ moments that you can’t remember later?

Did you still remember that billion dollar idea you said you’d start work on later?

All my recent motivational posts have been talking to me too, you know. I hope they have not been in vain for you as much as they have caused a change in my thought pattern and helped me take action where need be.

I have and am still learning that the best way to preserve ideas is to put it down. This includes writing it down in Journals (a bit traditional), recording it with the Voice or Sound recorder on your phone or also, jotting it down on e-note apps on your phone. There are diverse ways to go about it. The key thing is that your wonderful ideas are not been forgotten but stored where you can access them later and take decisions with them.

Even the Bible in Habakkuk 2 vs 2 recommends putting ideas, visions down. This is to ensure continuity in case the visioneer is no more. In the same vein, whenever we are discouraged and we read our Journals/Idea book or e-note app, it should re-energize our determination to succeed and get it  right no matter how many times we have failed at it.

This may not be much but I hope am able to make you see things from this perspective.

Am out..



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