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Happy Valentine!
After endless months of this post lounging in my draft, I have come to the decision that it has to see the light of day. It’s quite interesting to discuss choosing the right partner, yh?

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Marriage/the marriage partner is the second most important decision in a person’s life. Choosing a wrong partner can make life hellish and miserable. As such, singles are advised to be wise during this decision making.

Every young girl out there wants to marry their Prince charming or not (I stand to be corrected). Thanks to all Cinderella stories, we were being taught prince charming was going to come, give us the kiss of life and then, happily ever after. But then, reality hits – prince charming is all fairytale in some cases. So I ask these questions :

What is marriage and who is the most important witness in marriage?

Is there anything as the right partner?
If there is, who is the right partner and how can he/she be identified?
What if I never find the One till I die?

Do I settle for the available (but not my heart’s desire) because time is ticking?
A lot of questions arise. This post might not answer all but it will, some.

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Marriage for me means the joining together of a Man and a Woman before God, their family and basically the World. Out of all the witnesses listed above, the most important one is God. He should be the Alpha and Omega of that relationship or else, It might not go well.
Whenever most Ladies are asked of their ideal qualities in a Man, they start with God fearing. I think this is because a Man who fears God will try with all his might to treat You real good but there might be some exceptions. This works both ways (also for the men).
As for me, choosing the right partner is a Job done by You with God’s consent. What am saying is that You have to seek His consent and know if that young man/woman is God’s plan for Your Life.
I asked some friends for their views on this issue and below is what I got :
According to a Friend, Jane. She said the right partner is the right person for another person (confusing right?). So I asked;
Q: How can You identify the Right person for You?
A: The right one is who you are compatible with.
Q: What should be the determining factor in choosing a Life partner?
A: The God factor.
According to Dr Dapo, the second factor should be attraction. Never settle for someone you are not attracted to or you will blame yourself. Don’t be with a person out of pity or lust or what financial/material favour they can offer. You should wake up in the morning and stare at your partner and be raptured (mesmerized). There should be chemistry between partners.
The third should be compatibility and it determines how far the relationship will go. Does your strength match? Compatiblity should be in all aspects; spiritual, intellectual,emotional, financial, academical, psychological etc.The role of the female is to assist (help meet) and she would also look up to the guy as a leader. .

Disclaimer : These are the views of my friends and I  and as such may differ from yours. If you have varying viewpoints, kindly share in the comment section.



  1. See ehn.. my opinion… anybody can get married to anybody else, so why not just wait for the one your heart wants. And this whole heart want thing is overrated.

    I always wonder if there was any way to make selection easier, because it’s not even all about love or compatibility, other issues are involved. God fearing men hit their wives these days and its scary. How do we detect early and avoid all these trauma.

    I don’t care how old I get. I’m willing to wait. I’m not bothered about all these early marriage frenzies and baits. I intend to take my vows seriously so I have to know my intending husband in and out. Can’t go joking with that stuff

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    1. Go girl!

      It is quite refreshing to know some ladies are willing to stand their grounds irrespective of the pressures of marrying early.

      It gives me the chills when I read of domestic violence and it gets me scared.

      I agree with you on most points raised Dear.

      Goodluck finding Mr Right.

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  2. Well in finding a partner you must 1st work on yourself (be u a guy or a girl) mentally and spiritually and learn to love urself cos only when u love urself can you love another. Cinderella and Prince charming doesn’t exist in our world, you can make any man your prince charming so far you are attracted to him and he likewise, you fear God and so does he… God 1st and all other things will follow… My 2 kobo


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