My God & I: The Holy Spirit.

Hello Dearies,
I know its been a min. I am sorry, will put up a ‘it’s been a while’ post soon. I read this and just couldn’t help but share :)..

Bookie Kunlere

Hi hi hi! October is coming to and end, like play like play 2015 will soon be over! Thank God! I’m looking forward to the new year because, new year new me haha jokes.

Today I want to talk about reading books, especially Christian books and how it has affected my walk with God positively.

I remember after I rededicated my life to God, I attended believer’s class in COZAand was given a book (more like a believer’s manual) and I read where Pastor Biodun talked about reading this book Good Morning, Holy Spirit by Benny Hinnwhen he gave his life to Christ and it helped him with his Christian walk so I went out to buy the book.

This wasn’t the first Christian book I read, I had readA Woman After God’s Heart by Elizabeth George when I first became born again so I…

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