Erin Ijesha Water Falls x Natural Hair

Heeeeey Darls!

On the 25th of April, 2015, yours truly and some five other Corpers decided to head down and explore the beautiful Erin Ijesha Water falls in Osun State. Erin Ijesha consists of a mountain with 7 levels / layers. Each levels has its own unique but beautiful Water fall.

Erin Ijesha

We were determined to get to the 7th level of the mountain where the Village Efon Alaye is situated. We had a visiting Corp member all the way from Jalingo, Taraba State amongst us. While we the five other Corpers were serving in Odo-Otin Local government, Northern part of Osun State.

When we arrivedThe Five Odo-Otin Corpers

We set out and got there around 12noon. When we arrived, we were ‘wowed’ with the Water fall at the 1st level. We were four females and two males. We quickly change into shorts n tops. The other ladies all had weaves or extension on but I was rocking my teeny weeny afro (TWA). The other ladies got shower caps while I decided to cornrow my hair into 3 big parts. Then we headed to have some fun time under the Water fall. It was super niiiiiiiiiice.

Under the !st WaterFall
Under the 1st WaterFall
Under the 2nd WaterFall
Under the 2nd WaterFall

Then came time for Mountain Climbing. It was not easy as it was steep and precarious in some parts. We had to be extra careful. We got to the Water fall at the 2nd level and it was beyond beeeaaaaaauuuutiiiiiifuuuuuullllll!!!!!!!!!

2nd Level
2nd Level
Under the 2nd Level WaterFall
Under the 2nd Level WaterFall
The View From the Mountain
The View From the Erin Ijesha Mountain

We continued climbing. After climbing and trekking for 2hours, we got to the top of the mountain and behold there was a village. The villagers welcomed us seeing we were weary. They gave us gifts of bananas which we munched as we explored the village. We spoke to some of the villagers and learnt we were already in Efon Alaye Village, Ekiti State. Excitement was at its peak here. We got to Ifa river, at Efon Alaye Village.

At Efon Alaye Village
At Efon Alaye Village
At Efon Alaye Village2
With the Villagers at Efon Alaye

It was getting dark, so we had to start climbing down from the mountain. Extra care was taken once again as we got to the very steep parts. We got down and had a finally bath in the Water fall at the 1st level. Then we dressed and headed home.

My hair was super moisturized from all the long hours of bathing I had under the Waterfall. I twisted a part and curl definition was evident.

See that definition
See that definition

I never though I could get to the peak of the mountain but I DID (Please permit me to scream that). My limbs hurt especially from my thighs to my knee caps but I had FUN.

P.S : I learnt a life lesson from that, no matter how tough it gets, never quit because quitters never win. You will surely get there if you can see it through your mind’s eye. When it gets tough, let the tough gets going.


Have you gone on an adventure and done what you thought you could not ever do? Please share with me.

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