Catching up x Intending hair cut

Hello Everyone, I know it’s been ages I last blogged. Need I say, I miss you all? Well, I did. I have been busy with Life. I have learnt and still learning a lesson or two about Life. I am growing is all I can say. I hope everyone of you is? I am back … More Catching up x Intending hair cut


Let’s Catch up

*clears cobweb off blog* Hello people! It’s been a long long long time I know. Lots of things has happened. I know we all have been busy so I can’t make that my excuse for not blogging recently. What have I missed? Let’s play catch up.

Hair Hacks pt 1

Hello Everyone! It’s another wonderful Weekend even though it feels like I just resumed from a Weekend. Today, I have got some handy tips for days when you run out of one or more of some hair ‘must-haves’.

Hey SuperWoman/Man.. Yes, you!

Happy New Month guys! Hey Superman/woman, You ever wake up a day and feel you are just not all that? Like you are not made for greatness or simple, all or some of your life goals are seemingly ‘unachievable’ at the moment or for a while now? Worse still, you’ve failed, or still failing and falling?

Hair is just Hair.

Hello all! How’s the weekend going? Something happened to me during the week that brought about today’s topic. It is pretty interesting. A Colleague came up to me on Monday and asked why I installed a weave since I was part of the almighty #TeamNatural. I had on a weave previously installed a day before. It … More Hair is just Hair.

No time to waste time…

Originally posted on justtolive:
“You look so good! na wa o , this your glow these days sha….so who is the lucky guy? ” heheheehehehee…… “na only guy dey make person glow? Why do people attribute a woman’s happiness to a guy? (Open question) , which brings me to my write up for the month.  Have you…